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Birth of Le Nouvel Écuyer : a story of enthusiasts !



A personal story behind the project

Riders and owners of two horses for many years, Joséphine Favier and Antoine Barillec (founders of LNE), have called upon many professionals to understand the back problems of their horse Tidji. Despite successive visits from various competent people (saddle, osteopath, veterinarian...) the diagnosis always remained approximate without being able to analyse exactly the source of the problem. Powerless in front of the results, they then had the idea to try to observe what happens in dynamics under the saddle.

Joséphine and Antoine, both engineers by training, decided to join forces in 2018 and make their innovative creation project a reality. One year later, the first prototype of the pressure sensor mat was born. After 3 years of reflection and hard work, Le Nouvel Écuyer was created and the product was offered for sale.

Technology in a mat ? Really ?

Surrounded by qualified partners, based in the North of France in Tourcoing, the startup continues its research and improves the product as it goes along until it has the most suitable formula for horse riding. Today, we know that 45% of horses have back pain, but why? The purpose of this new tool is to answer this question by analysing the equipment (saddles and accessories) and the rider's posture. The mat then allows the pressure distribution on the horse's back to be monitored in real time. Composed of 576 pressure sensors connected to an electronic box, the mat can transmit the data in real time thanks to an application connected by Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet.

The new generation pressure sensor mat supports professionals in the equine sector, it is intended as a diagnostic tool, it allows dynamic visualization of what the eye alone cannot see. The data is then recorded on the application and can be replayed endlessly! Quite practical for carrying out analyses over time and comparing them. 

Complementary teamwork !

In June 2021, marketing began and the Nouvel Écuyer team grew from 2 people to 5 in three months! The company is growing and now has 3 employees in different fields of expertise: 

  • Blandine Becard, who has a MASTER in Engineering and Ergonomics of Physical Activity, is preparing a scientific doctorate at LNE in order to scientifically validate the data of the mat and thus be able to develop a complete protocol of use. 
  • Pauline Vanpeperstraete is doing a MASTER in Organisational Communication. She is in charge of external communication and the company's marketing plan. 
  • Thomas Mortelette, a student on a work-study programme in IT development, is responsible for developing the website and ensuring that the web and mobile application work properly.

 In short, a young, dynamic and passionate team! So that's the portrait of the company for the moment.  Do not hesitate to contact us on our social networks, we will be happy to answer your questions !

Pauline Vanpeperstraete

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