Solutions and technologies dedicated to the performance of the pair horse/rider 

The pressure sensor mat.

Back pain in horses

45% of horses have back pain: the causes ?
Reference : C.M.Mejdell & F- Aksnes, 2012

Poor stance

The horse compensates for the rider's stance errors. Over time these compensations degrade his locomotion and can create injuries.
Demonstration in image of a bad posture on a horse.
Demonstration in image of an unsuitable saddle on a horse.

An unfit saddle

A saddle that doesn't fit the horse's back perfectly creates pressure points. These pressure points will interfere with the muscles and ligaments, up to injury if they are too severe.

The brand : Le Nouvel Écuyer

Who has never felt frustrated at not succeeding in an exercise due to lack of understanding ? Who has never seen his horse change his attitude and make it clear that he does not want to be worked today ?

It was through a lot of questioning, discussions with various professionals and a growing desire for entrepreneurship that we decided to create Le Nouvel Écuyer. Traditionally, the squire is a gentleman who accompanies a knight. What better way to represent our state of mind and the service we provide?
Image demonstration of the new Ecuyer pressure sensor mat.
Image demonstration of the new Ecuyer pressure sensor mat.
Le Nouvel Écuyer develops solutions and technologies dedicated to the performance of the horse/rider couple with the aim of a better understanding. Understanding at the service of sport and well-being is what drives us every day to surpass ourselves. Our sports professionals, be they saddlers, vets, osteopaths, riding schools, teachers, etc., help riders to surpass themselves every day and we are convinced that it is with the right tools that they will be able to support each couple in the best possible way.

With our solutions, professionals will have a neutral tool in their hands helping them in diagnosis, explanation and pedagogy.

Our technologies and solutions are designed in France and developed in Europe by experts in order to provide the best to our customers.

We pay attention to the smallest detail and develop our solutions in partnership with professionals in the industry in order to get it right.
Demonstration in image of the construction of the pressure sensor mat box.

The pressure sensor mat

Le Nouvel Écuyer has created the pressure sensor mat and its mobile application, optimized to detect stance errors and pressure points.
Representation of application and pressure sensor mat during use. Representation of application and pressure sensor mat during use. Representation of application and pressure sensor mat during use. Representation of application and pressure sensor mat during use. Representation of application and pressure sensor mat during use.


Instantly and intuitively visualize the pressure distribution on the horse's back.


Analyze the results whenever you want, they are saved.


Resistant to external conditions


Ergonomic cut-out adapted to the shape of the horse's back


Benefit from a mobile app adapted to your profile: reports, diagnostic help, appointment preparation, etc.


Easy interpretation of the results: the data is worked out for you according to your needs!

You are a professional in the equine industry ? Our product is made for you!

Demonstration of the customer relationship for the use of the pressure sensor mat.
The main causes of back pain...
an unfit saddle or mount, are detected by our mat. Easily check the equipment of the couples you are following, and suggest ways to prevent back pain. Save the reports, transmit them and analyse them whenever you want!
Adapt the equipment to a cavalry,...
Reduce the risk of back pain and analyse the rider's position to gain cohesion with the horse.
Upgrade your R&D center and equip...
your teams with an objective and neutral tool. Validate the proposed equipment with your customers: joint satisfaction and validation

Riders and owners: Your advantages

Visualize the impact of your saddles

A saddle is an important investment, both in terms of cost and lifespan. Our product allows you to objectively visualize the impacts: it will give you an unbiased opinion!

Increase your performance

By improving the mobility of your horse's back, you improve its general locomotion! Control the position of your centre of gravity for a more efficient and elegant ride.

Reduce expenses

You're eliminating the two leading causes of back problems in horses. No more bloating and back pain.

Prevent back pain

By working with professionals equipped with our product you prevent back problems in your horse. You increase its well-being and improve its quality of life!


Pressure sensor mat

4 500

Without taxes
The carpet requires the application the new Ecuyer to be used.


/ user / month (excluding taxes)
To start
  • Limited to 1 user
  • Limited to 2 riders
  • Visualization of live data
  • Registration limited to 2 sessions


/ user / month (excluding taxes)
Analyze, share, history
  • Limited to 3 user
  • Automatic generation of CR from a record
  • Standard indicators
  • Horses Management & Materials
  • Sharing files between users


/ user / month (excluding taxes)
For further
  • Limited to 10 user
  • Comparison of recordings in the CRs
  • Advanced Indicators LNE
  • Coupled video
Coming soon !



/ user / month (excluding taxes)
Coming soon !
Rentals have access to pro functionality.

France only

Our team

Riders and enthusiasts of new technologies!

Antoine, Blandine, Joséphine, Pauline et Thomas


Professional equipped

Would you like to test our tools near you? Call a professional for a demonstration? Analyze your equipment and your posture with our tool? Find all the professionals equipped with the pressure sensor mat in France. Saddlers, ergonomists, veterinarians, osteopaths, riding teachers... do not hesitate to contact them according to your needs!

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